USA 2010 (Sep 15, 10pm): It’s a small world, Miles …

Not a lot of Brits will know of Miles Standish, who was a prominent member of the Pilgrim fathers who set out from England on the Mayflower and the Speedwell [...]

USA2010 (Sep 15 2pm): Whale-watch update

The whale-cruise was a two-for-one deal. Not only did we eventually get to see whales, but the ride was as rough as a Widnes-bouncer (allegedly), a real [...]

USA2010 (Sep 15 10am): Provincetown, Cape Cod, Ma

Provincetown is picturesque enough and the weather is hot for September, heck at 68F it’s hot even for an English summer. This afternoon I’m going on a [...]

USA 2010 (Sep 10, 4pm) Anchorage away …

Back in Anchorage on the final day I decided to explore downtown. I’ve never seen a less impressive city, from an architectural perspective at least; to say [...]

USA 2010 (Sep 8 1pm): The Seward Highway …

Dotted along the Seward highway from Anchorage down along the coast and across the Kenai peninsula are floral tributes to those who died making the trip. [...]

USA2010: (Tue Sep 7th) Planes, Trains and Automobiles …

After Chicago, it’s on to Anchorage, Alaska and I made it on to the American Airlines (AA291) flight by the skin of my teeth’s teeth’s skin. And by the [...]

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