Different Strokes …

Two St Helens born and bred RL players epitomised the fine line between champions and also-rans on Saturday. The two incidents occurred within a couple of [...]

Mr. Smith goes to Red Hall …

So, Mr Smith goes to Red Hall ... [spoiler warning - but hey if you ain't seen it yet don't blame us] Our story opens with Commissioner Richard Lewis about [...]

Grand Final eve …

Here we stand on the brink of the engage Superleague 2006 Grand Final and I cannot believe that I've yet to mention it in this blog. The final will be staged [...]

Noble Sentiment

View from the Bridge 2006-09-05: Noble Sentiment … Every so often a press-conference comment or aside will transcend the mundane clichés. Rare, but it [...]

Why Green Bay?

1982 the ‘new’ UK national TV network, Channel 4 (sic) began to broadcast NFL games; anyone else remember when there were only three channels on UK TV? *oh [...]

Why the Redsox … ?

A little of my back story ... to explain this eclectic mix of commentary ... I was brought-up in the rugby league hotbed of St Helens, a glass town in the [...]

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