Our ghost: awake …

The horror of what he had been doing stopped Tom in his tracks. He stared out into the blackness of the winter twilight, then back to the cellphone in his [...]

Stop the Senseless Slaughter of Badgers!

The issue of bovine Tuberculosis and its spread, which has long been associated with badgers, is threatening to lead to a cull that would decimate the UK's [...]

The Fall of Hadryn, Son of Imrik … (extract)

The wind tore at Imrik’s cloak as the dragon Minathar soared above the Asbach Plains. Below him, the rolling grasslands were a patchwork of green. To his [...]

Our ghost

Crash! The sound of a saucepan hitting quarry tiles echoes through the early morning. I start. Outside the conservatory I see that night is ebbing slowly away. [...]

Back in the UK; way back in the UK!

"I'd like to apologise for the large volume of customers choosing to travel with us today”, announced the tinny voice from the train's public address [...]

USA2010 (Sep 15 2pm): Whale-watch update

The whale-cruise was a two-for-one deal. Not only did we eventually get to see whales, but the ride was as rough as a Widnes-bouncer (allegedly), a real [...]

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