Roll-up, Roll-up …

I watched the Widnes-Barrow game on Sunday. It was entertaining enough, although a little less frenetic than the quality engage Super League games on offer on [...]

Hock in the Dock …

Cards on the table, I've never met Gareth Hock and I don't much rate him as a player, much less an international player. To my mind he is a modern day Roy [...]

Welsh wizard needed …

Is it me or are the Celtic Crusader flirting with a familiar path of doom? Disturbing rumours of financial problems have been first denied, then admitted, then [...]

If Eddie Waring could see us now

Rugby league is undergoing a tremendous surge in popularity across the globe and it’s partly down to one of the biggest financial cock-ups in world sports [...]

Ah the Willows, such sweet memories …

It’s a couple of hours before kickoff and a sultry 30 degrees centigrade in Salford. I’m wandering up the alley at the side of Salford RLFC’s Willows [...]

Millward back to lead Leigh’s Super League quest

He’s baaaack! Yes the man who brought you the “He’s f**ked. They’re f**king all f**king, f***ked.” press conference is heading back to the UK. Leigh [...]

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