RFL Gambles Toulouse …

The RFL delivered a swift and none to diplomatic "don't call us we'll call you" message to the ambitious Toulouse Olympique club Monday. In a statement the [...]

Change is afoot.

Big changes are on the way for League13. I'm going to split the site into two, separating out the sports content from the environmental and political [...]

Four things we learned this weekend in rugby league

1] Rhinos really are a bit better than Saints. Yes, League13.info can officially announce that, after the Rhinos defeated the Saints for the third time in [...]

Roll-up, Roll-up, the playoff circus is coming to town.

Two intriguing, if slightly disturbing, press releases crossed my email in-tray today. The first, from Hull KR, proclaimed that playoff tickets had smashed the [...]

Summing-up Schwartz, Manning and Stafford

Lions' head coach, Jim Schwartz, is right to disregard the opinions of others outside of the organisation when deciding on his starting quarterback for 2009. [...]

Dipping into 97.1 The Ticket

I was walking the dog in the park Monday evening listening to WXYT's stream of the midday Karsch & Anderson show on my Nokia E71 using Internet Radio. Some [...]

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