Is Vick destined to be a Pat?

Quite whether the Patriots are really interested in taking on the baggage of disgraced NFL quarterback, Michael Vick, remains to be seen. But it seems their [...]

Who took the ‘S’ out of the USFL?

Many years and a marriage ago I remember lying abed in the small hours listening to the fledgling United States Football League (USFL) games on American Forces [...]

Reds meltdown …

Whatever has gone wrong with the Salford City Reds this season, it's left coach Karl Harrison in a precarious position.The clearly shell-shocked Harrison [...]

Mr. Smith goes to Red Hall …

So, Mr Smith goes to Red Hall ... [spoiler warning - but hey if you ain't seen it yet don't blame us] Our story opens with Commissioner Richard Lewis about [...]

McRae for GB … ?

Brian Noble’s reign as GB coach is over and the RFL are to launch an exhaustive search for a successor after they confirmed today that the - part-time - [...]

More Quick Licks …

Roll Tide Rip Tide ... Yesterday erstwhile Miami Dolphin coach, Nick Saban, was greeted by hordes of Alabama fans as their new head coach. "I guess I have to [...]

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