SLXII Rnd 1 – Saints vs Quins

Right, so here we go. Already dusted down the long-johns and re-fleeced the thermal vest ready for the delights of the Knowsley Road press bench and a whole [...]

badgerwatch 01 :: Free points …

Uh oh. Looks like the RFL has flipped. Now they're handing out free league points to teams that lose. Seriously. Keep the losing margin to a dozen or [...]

Saints Win!

Saints win! Saints win!. Sporting Life match report Renowned for attacking rugby played with flair, under the 18-month tutelage of coach, Danial Anderson, [...]

Why Green Bay?

1982 the ‘new’ UK national TV network, Channel 4 (sic) began to broadcast NFL games; anyone else remember when there were only three channels on UK TV? *oh [...]

Saints win; but who was that masked man?

Did anyone catch the Rugby League Powegen Challenge Cup final on TV on Saturday? OK, it wasn’t an awesome game … but it was pretty compelling stuff. That [...]

Sad Sox

Oh boy. The pain just keeps coming for the Redsox. Bleeding from a 5-0 home sweep by the Yankees and reeling from a 3-0 sweep at the Mariners they are sliding [...]

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