Monday Morning Halfback

Monday Morning Halfback: Blue notes for the Salford City Reds

In my mind I could see only one thing. Saints in their blue-and-white striped centennial kit, a packed Knowsley Road, and the lap of honour as they picked-up [...]

Monday Morning Halfback

There's already been a ton of guff talked about the Millennium Magic weekend; so here is my tuppence-worth. It's a terrific, bold concept that deserves to [...]

Monday Morning Halfback: Countdown to the Super Bowl 45

Today is the start of NFL Superbowl week. Sunday will see the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers face each other in one of the most evenly matched [...]

mmHB :: Morley blow …

Ben Cockayne was once again deep in his own '20' fielding a Warrington kick. Spotting a gap in the wall of advancing chasers he ducked and jinked, just hitting [...]

MMHB :: Whistling in the wind …

So, the Super League season kicked-off last night. With a Round 3 game? Smashing! Only in the wide and weird world of rugby league could that happen. But hey, [...]

MMHB :: back to the future …

If preseason games are so dangerous, why does anyone bother having them? If you're going to blow out a knee or an ankle (or even an eye-socket!?) it might as [...]

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