Newton’s Law

How ironic that after all the high-profile on-field antics that might have earned a career-threatening ban for Terry Newton, it a supposedly undetectable drug [...]

Red Sox Folded

The Red Sox season ended as it has progressed since the All Star break, with a stumble and a whimper. The season-ending sweep inflicted by the LA Angels came [...]

Week 3: Lions win, Lions win, the Lions WIN!

It's over. The Lions have ended their nineteen game losing streak, which stretched back to December 23, 2007 when they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, [...]

Have you seen the panic button anywhere … ?

That scratching noise you hear is the Redsox desperately trying to cling to 2009 playoff hopes, which are slowly slipping away. Yo, Terry Francona. Yes, you. [...]

Redsox blues

Don't waste too much brainpower pondering what's up with the #Redsox. The answer is pitching ... or is it? Sure the reputedly deep Boston pitching is down to [...]

Remember Aaron …

It's over. A 5th inning homer ... #756 from the bat of steroid-toking Barry Bond's has broken Hank Aaron's long-standing home run record. Congratulations go to [...]

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