L13 Dumbass

L13 Dumbass Award: That kharma eh? What a bitch …

Ok, Dumbass of the Week last week was ... ME. So I suspended myself for one week. Will be back 'on air' soon. Why the extreme sanction you ask? Well I'll tell [...]

L13 Dumbass Award: The RFL and the Magic Roundabout of International Eligibility

Lest one should ever wonder just why rugby league is a 3rd-class sport in the British Isles, one only has to follow the policy-making of its governing body, [...]

L13 Dumbass Award: Oh my God(win) …

I was struggling a little earlier today to settle on the next L13 Dumbass Award winner ... but the RFL came to the rescue, and no, not in their usual way. They [...]

L13 Dumbass Award: Seatless in Super Bowl Battle

This week's L13 Dumbass award goes to the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and Cowboys Stadium owner, Jerry Jones who allowed the NFL's premier event, Super Bowl XLV to [...]

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