Kyle Eastmond

Saints-Bulls Post-match reaction

Saints assistant coach, Kieron Purtill, praised the performance of veteran fullback, Paul Wellens, saying: "Wello is like a vintage wine, the older he gets the [...]

SLXVI/7: Saints 28-16 Bulls (full time)

Saints clinched their first engage Super League victory of the season at their temporary new home, weathering a brisk start from the Bradford Bulls to claim a [...]

L13 Dumbass Award: That kharma eh? What a bitch …

Ok, Dumbass of the Week last week was ... ME. So I suspended myself for one week. Will be back 'on air' soon. Why the extreme sanction you ask? Well I'll tell [...]

Winner of the Kyle Eastmond to Bath Sweep is …

Winner of the 'Kyle Eastmond to Bath Sweep' is ... Andy Wilson of The Guardian who correctly reported the move, that it was unlikely to be immediate and that [...]

Eastmond sets sail for Bath

Looks like we can expect a resolution to the on-going Kyle Eastmond saga come Monday 28th February. Sources indicate that a joint announcement will be made, [...]

Back Bites Special: Bench him till it’s sorted

St.Helens new coach, Royce Simmons, is becoming visibly more frustrated by the ongoing Kyle Eastmond soap-opera. And after last-night's shoddy performance by [...]

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