Chain Reaction …

They say you can't bake a cake without breaking eggs. That there are winners and losers in life. That the meek shall inherit the earth and that the good guys [...]

Old Mother Hubbard …

Sean Edward's decision to rule himself out of the running to be the next GB coach was as disappointing as it was expected. His apparent endorsement of Leeds [...]

SLXII Rnd 1 – Saints vs Quins

Right, so here we go. Already dusted down the long-johns and re-fleeced the thermal vest ready for the delights of the Knowsley Road press bench and a whole [...]

MMHB :: Whistling in the wind …

So, the Super League season kicked-off last night. With a Round 3 game? Smashing! Only in the wide and weird world of rugby league could that happen. But hey, [...]

Blinkers off in search for GB coach …

Schoey says it’s okay for Great Britain to remain second-rate on the international rugby league scene; at least that’s what his latest pronouncement boils [...]

Saints win; but who was that masked man?

Did anyone catch the Rugby League Powegen Challenge Cup final on TV on Saturday? OK, it wasn’t an awesome game … but it was pretty compelling stuff. That [...]

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