Back to the future: the greening of nuclear energy

Ed Miliband is pressing the case for nuclear energy as the clean solution to satisfying Britain's future energy needs, headlined by today's announcement [...]

Beam me up, I’m a tree-hugger …

Like the young child too old to cling to belief in Santa Claus, it is time for us to learn the truth. The Star Trek universe and its inherent vision of hope [...]

Guardian ungagged …

The Guardian revealed to day that the gagging order had been defeated, following unprecedented online response Trafigura drops bid to gag Guardian over MP's [...]

Can you afford to eat cheap?

The insidious creep of globalisation touches all of us in so many ways. And although we have the power yet to change it, our window of opportunity is closing, [...]

Infinite Moment 0.2

Infinite Moment old photographs, fading images of people once known. passers-by in life who touched us briefly and left to go their way. how fare [...]

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