The American President and the Onslaught on Democracy

Donald Trump may not be the anti-Christ, but his increasingly abhorrent and corrosive actions are very definitely anti-democratic. [...]

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Sawing wood

Teeth dragging, biting. Dust flying. Elbow burning. Ah, sawing the [...]


shrill birdsong at dawn above the patter of raindrops awakened, the heart [...]


a friend of mine thinking about being mindfull. the crunch of the fender Byline - [...]

Goldfish 1

These Goldfish swimming Gently, world within a world. Ideas arise, [...]

son 1

My son wakes crying. I soothe him, watch his eyes close, Consciousness ebbs [...]

School gate

My child skips ahead Bubbling laughter on the breeze. Left at the [...]

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