SpinCycle1:rinse repeat

As powerful and long-lasting as the British establishment is, it still knows fear. Right now it is in an almighty lather, not over Jeremey Corbynn so much, but more so over the threat to the system that the mass engagement of citizens directly in the political process potentially represents; a massive sea-change in British politics. Whether Corbynn [...]

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shrill birdsong at dawn above the patter of raindrops awakened, the heart [...]


a friend of mine thinking about being mindfull. the crunch of the fender Byline - [...]

Goldfish 1

These Goldfish swimming Gently, world within a world. Ideas arise, [...]

son 1

My son wakes crying. I soothe him, watch his eyes close, Consciousness ebbs [...]

School gate

My child skips ahead Bubbling laughter on the breeze. Left at the [...]

Meditation Poem

Drowning now in silent pain, in turmoil? Finding once more, time-eternal, striding on apace? Go slow then, into mind, Through twilit concsiousness, through shadow, Into [...]

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