Where does the soul hide its tears?

 Where does the soul hide its tears?In the shrug of the weary shoulder?In the wrinkles of a cheesy grin?Amidst the dusty moments of memories grown older?Or those soundless cries no one hears? [...]

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Son 2

Same tousled hair, a nose like mine; TV eyes. My son shares the [...]

Love song

Rain on the windscreen, Radio low. Wipers beat time, To that old [...]

Icy path

What fascination! Searching, slipping, sliding. Whoops! Ice on the [...]

Theme 1-25 swing

Rain falls, On the old yellow swing. Breath on the [...]

Theme 1-18 moon

Silhouetted branches against the midnight blue sky frame the crescent [...]

Theme 1 gardening

The family gardening. Sun shines, rain falls, wind blows snow. The plant is [...]

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