February Nights …

clear moon three-quarter full glancing from still water kissing trees’ rough bark nestling in earth’s mossy embrace tree silhouettes leafless [...]

Creeping Death

In sad silence I see her walking through the market, Her yellowed skin stretched tight. Straggling nicotine-stained hair Infested by Death. Doddering [...]

Rose journey

[NOTE: I want this to be mine, but truthfully, I'm not certain] sweet night breeze petals fold in on themselves - twilight dims the rose and still this [...]


... there's a real beauty in sharing in the spontaneous play of children; and art can really bring out the best in them. There's a wonderful song that touches [...]

End of the line

I first saw you In a station far far away Through a train window. Osteoporosis - An old man waiting for the lift Comforts his wife. Bent double now Your [...]

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