New York. One size fits all …

New York surprised me. I went not really expecting to like it. Sure there's loads of stuff to do there but, like London, just living there takes a toll on you; [...]

USA2010 (Thu Sep 2): Harvard, I like!

08:40 As I sit here on the T (that's the subway, not the sandwich, the Tube. Not that you're a tube, I'm just saying. It's mass-transport, look it up) en-route [...]

USA2010 Tour ( Wed Sept 1): First impressions …

So first impressions? Well the city of Boston itself is neat. It has oodles of that unique blend of retro-modernism that has Brits shaking their heads in [...]

Rugby in the raw in the land of Kafka and absynthe

It’s a reasonable bet that Prague’s favourite son, Franz Kafka, never saw a rugby game in his life. Yet next year the Czech Rugby Union (CSRU) will [...]

Golf tourism – Czech that swing

The Czech Republic boasts excellent golf courses, spectacular scenery, great nightlife and a huge dose of Bohemian heritage. Golf travellers looking for a new [...]

Iceland – cool for cats

Culture vultures seeking an exotic thrill to sate their thirst for adventure are turning their attention to Rejkjavik. Iceland's capital city is playing host [...]

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