My views on sport

Wigan stock-up for the Summer …

Wigan Warriors finally sealed the capture of hooker, Shane Millard (Leeds), 31, fullback, Michael Withers (Bulls), 31 and half-back Thomas Leaulai (Quins). [...]

monday morning halfback :: Fixture Apathy

Sitting in the office in Liverpool I got a chance to browse a selection of the Monday papers. The release of Super League’s fixtures for 2007 appears to have [...]

Back to the Future …

Next Monday (November 27th) see the official release and publication of engage Super League XII's fixtures. Already? Did we just finish a season? Are the guy's [...]

dailyAside – Monday 6th Nov

How great it was Saturday (ok 1am Sunday) to snuggle down in bed with a radio and College Football's Wake Forest versus Boston College Eagles clash. It's a [...]

The GBU Report

The Hopeful:There's life in the Bay. Oakland got up off the canvas and poked the Superbowl Stealers (sic) in the eye in ABC's late game Sunday. With a four [...]

Saints Win!

Saints win! Saints win!. Sporting Life match report Renowned for attacking rugby played with flair, under the 18-month tutelage of coach, Danial Anderson, [...]

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