My views on sport

Chicago Cubs gearing up to make run at Prince Fielder? | News

With the first snows of winter settling on the ground this morning my mind turned to the hot-stove; and rumours of the Cubs' growing interest in acquiring [...]

4-nations in 1-team

Rangi chase pledges future to England (link) ... oh, really. Remember the 2000 World Cup and all those snide remarks about the dubious accents of the Lebanon, [...]

Cobb – a debut to dream on

Packers rookie, Randall Cobb, just might come down to earth some time soon, but not for a while, not after a debut in which he bagged two touchdowns, the first [...]

Already a Manning down!

Yes, it's true, the season is only two-quarters old and already we've a Manning overboard; Peyton Manning. As I sip black coffee in the conservatory and await [...]

The NFL is back; the Pack are back.

Football is back! Thursday's NFL Kickoff signalled the return of the 1am alarm calls. By the time the first jolt of caffeine is buzzing the Bridge blood stream [...]

Paul Wellens 400 not out …

Saints 19-6 Huddersfield Giants There are few things more emotionally and physically draining than losing a rugby league challenge cup semi-final to your [...]

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