My views on sport

London’s team?

Undeterred by rugby league's seeming inability to transplant a game the British invented just 200 miles down the M1 motorway America's NFL seems to be [...]

London falling, it’s a faraway town …

It's the clash; the clash of paradigms. It seems one is either an expansionist or a parochialite (tm) . The RFL, which traditionally veers between the two [...]

Bounce of the ball

July has been an exciting month for British basketball fans: expansion, new fixtures and all the comings-and-goings as teams assemble their squads for the [...]

Is it just me?

UPDATED: I'm perplexed and somewhat concerned by the below report from the RFL, which appeared on the Sporting Life web site. Chiefly because it smacks of [...]


courtesy of Phil Caplan (RLEF) Hungary and the Czech Republic will contest the 2012 European Bowl, the Rugby League European Federation’s third tier [...]



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