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L13 Dumbass Award: That kharma eh? What a bitch …

Ok, Dumbass of the Week last week was ... ME. So I suspended myself for one week. Will be back 'on air' soon. Why the extreme sanction you ask? Well I'll tell [...]

Monday Morning Halfback: So, farewell then World Club Challenge … Mind the Gap.

In which I share my Word Club Challenge fantasy ... Sunday's Probiz World Club Challenge produced an enthralling contest; one worthy of a more prominent place [...]

Back Bites …

New Twist in Wakefield Wildcats Saga ... In a bold move the RFL announced today that the Wakefield Wildcats and Celtic Crusaders are to be merged and relocated [...]

Schwartz keeps a level head … not getting carried away

I know I'm new to the Lions, but I've been hearing a lot of the 'at least we are better than last season' chatter surfacing. Hell, the Lions were 0-16 last [...]

Culpepper Steeled for Backlash from the Lions’ Den …

Week Five isn't going well for the Lions, although going by the half time score board thing ain't as bad as they might be. It clearly shows them just eight [...]

Has Stafford shown enough yet?

Okay. Can we put the Mathew Stafford debate to bed now. The guy is the starter now. Period. No ifs or buts. He's improving every game. And he's learning a lot [...]

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