Lions Watch 2009

L13’s adopted NFL team for 2009 is the Detroit Lions; who completed the perfect imperfect season in 2008 by going 0 for 18. Join L13 as we suffer the ups and downs of 2009 with the motor-city’s favourite whinge.

NFL Week 1: Lions show some teeth in the Big Easy

It wasn't long into Sunday's game before it dawned on me the Lions weren't going to win. In fact I probably knew beforehand, even before a quick glance at [...]

Daunte Culpepper a Class Act

With the Lions announcing Matt Stafford as their starting QB questions were raised as to the ongoing status of veteran, Daunte Culpepper. More than a few [...]

Are the Lions the new Dolphins?

OK. That's what I'm talking about, Detroit. That O-line looks a solid unit. Let's go kick-ass. I listened to the Lions' come back win over the Colts Saturday [...]

Summing-up Schwartz, Manning and Stafford

Lions' head coach, Jim Schwartz, is right to disregard the opinions of others outside of the organisation when deciding on his starting quarterback for 2009. [...]

Already feeling home amongst the Lions faithful

It's early in my Lionhood and I'm already beginning to feel at home as a Lions' fan. Now I can only imagine how much a nine (9) foot Red-tail Boa Constricter [...]

Dipping into 97.1 The Ticket

I was walking the dog in the park Monday evening listening to WXYT's stream of the midday Karsch & Anderson show on my Nokia E71 using Internet Radio. Some [...]

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