MLB news & views; the Red Sox and Cubbies way

The Boys of Summer

Wednesday sees the start of the 2010 MLB Preseason. Baseball is back. This season has a little extra edge for me as I'm actually going to get to go to a couple [...]

Red Sox Folded

The Red Sox season ended as it has progressed since the All Star break, with a stumble and a whimper. The season-ending sweep inflicted by the LA Angels came [...]

Have you seen the panic button anywhere … ?

That scratching noise you hear is the Redsox desperately trying to cling to 2009 playoff hopes, which are slowly slipping away. Yo, Terry Francona. Yes, you. [...]

Redsox blues

Don't waste too much brainpower pondering what's up with the #Redsox. The answer is pitching ... or is it? Sure the reputedly deep Boston pitching is down to [...]

Remember Aaron …

It's over. A 5th inning homer ... #756 from the bat of steroid-toking Barry Bond's has broken Hank Aaron's long-standing home run record. Congratulations go to [...]


"He's out at home plate. Lugo looked set to be safe but Posada's late tag has him out at home plate." Jeter's high throw drew Posada off the plate and Lugo's [...]

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