NFL, NCAA, UFL and CFL football stories

Lock-out Pending as Time Runs Out for NFL/NFLPA

No news yet from the NFL or the NFLPA as time ticks-on towards the self-imposed deadline in their ongoing negotiations as to how to split a $9 billion cash [...]

NFL-NFLPA Heading into Mediation

NFL fans worried at the prospect of a Fall without football will be heartened by today's breaking news that the NFL and NFL PLayers' Association (NFLPA) have [...]

L13 Dumbass Award: Seatless in Super Bowl Battle

This week's L13 Dumbass award goes to the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and Cowboys Stadium owner, Jerry Jones who allowed the NFL's premier event, Super Bowl XLV to [...]

The Pack is Back

The NFL's Green Bay Packers became the first sixth-seeded team to win the Super Bowl when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 at Cowboys Stadium, [...]

Will the NFL stumble into another lost season?

They did what? They signed a $700million 30-year naming right's deal for a stadium that doesn't exist, which is home to a 'team to be named later'. And that [...]

Monday Morning Halfback: Countdown to the Super Bowl 45

Today is the start of NFL Superbowl week. Sunday will see the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers face each other in one of the most evenly matched [...]

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