USA Rugby League



Joint statement on RL in USA

source: press release Monday saw the first positive indications of progress in healing the split between the AMNRL and USARL that threatens to derail the [...]

AMNRL States Stance on USA Tomahawks Elgibilty

Latest news out of America concerning the forthcoming St. Patrick's Day international fixture against Ireland is somewhat sobering, the clear message from the [...]

Inaugural USARL Line-up Announced

The USARL confirmed an eight-team line-up for its inaugural league season today. Two of the seven breakaway AMNRL teams, Fairfax and Pittsburgh were unable [...]

State of the Nation – US rugby league rift

Just what is happening to rugby league in the United States of America? Today's news that Rugby is the third fastest growing sport in the country ought to [...]

USARL appoints Inaugural Board of Directors

The USARL has announced its first board of directors. The board was selected at the league's inaugural meeting in Philadelphia on January 29, 2011. The [...]

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