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RFL responds to criticism of … well of them really.

Obviously I'm far from being alone in being critical of the chaps and chapesses at Red Hall. An open letter from Brian Barwick in response to criticism of [...]

London falling, it’s a faraway town …

It's the clash; the clash of paradigms. It seems one is either an expansionist or a parochialite (tm) . The RFL, which traditionally veers between the two [...]

4-nations in 1-team

Rangi chase pledges future to England (link) ... oh, really. Remember the 2000 World Cup and all those snide remarks about the dubious accents of the Lebanon, [...]

Paul Wellens 400 not out …

Saints 19-6 Huddersfield Giants There are few things more emotionally and physically draining than losing a rugby league challenge cup semi-final to your [...]

Keep an eye out for Forty-20

In the early eighties two new magazines had me haunting the local WH Smiths on a monthly basis hunting the latest issue. The first of these was Gridiron UK (a [...]

Saints-Bulls Post-match reaction

Saints assistant coach, Kieron Purtill, praised the performance of veteran fullback, Paul Wellens, saying: "Wello is like a vintage wine, the older he gets the [...]

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