About or pertaining to human nature and acts; including injusticies, liberty and inhumanities.

Capitalism: A love story … if only

Michael Moore's latest movie 'Capitalism: A love story' opens today (Friday, October 2nd, 2009) in selected cinemas across America. Capitalism is a satirical [...]

Upholding the democratic right to protest

Democracy works best when people are activists. When passionate people take part in active debate and, yes even protest. The freedom to do so is fundamental to [...]

Can you afford to eat cheap?

The insidious creep of globalisation touches all of us in so many ways. And although we have the power yet to change it, our window of opportunity is closing, [...]

Tell you what I don’t get … that Gordon Brown chap. I don’t get him.

File it under the 'I just don't get that ...' category. I don't get that British PM, Gordon Brown, is so quick to praise whenever that praise will reflect well [...]

Don’t bet your shirt on it: unless you’re a banker of course.

The appearance of the Warrington Wolves in the Rugby Football League's Carnegie Challenge Cup Final at Wembley presents an ideal opportunity for demonstrators [...]

Vestas and the Jolly Green Giant

You may have read our blog pressing for the appointment of a Minister for Common-sense. Well the ridiculous wasted opportunity that is Vestas (Protestors end [...]

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