Vestas and the Jolly Green Giant

You may have read our blog pressing for the appointment of a Minister for Common-sense. Well the ridiculous wasted opportunity that is Vestas (Protestors end [...]

Time for Common-sense to be be constitutionalised …

I'm going to have to stop listening to Radio 4's Today programme in the mornings. My commute is punctuated with rants at the car radio that must startle fellow [...]

Sustainability and the myth of the spin-doctors

Why is the government telling us porkie pies over their commitment to sustainable [...]

Globalisation – the way of the merchant warrior

Globalisation is driving the world to ruin. You only have to look at the evidence presented to you in your morning paper, or on your car radio, or that rolling [...]

Media pandemica

Flu! Is swine-flu all just a media induced fever? Bless-you. You know it's hell to get flu. Days of feeling lousy, aching and too hot or too cold. Course if [...]

Egg shells

Who then am I? Worker, Father, Son and Husband, All these and so much more. And everything fragmented in tiny egg box lives, Bound by roles of [...]

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