Gearing up for Copenhagen

So what is this all about? I thought we sorted this in Kyoto? Why is it back again in Copenhagen? Climate change, the rallying call for environmental [...]

Manchester joins climate change clamour

Manchester City Council has become the largest UK local authority to pledge to cut carbon emissions by ten percent by 2010. The city is determined to set an [...]

Britain’s national parks take lead in low-carbon initiatives

The UK’s National Parks are leading the way in helping the country make the transition from oil dependency to a low carbon future through harnessing [...]

Can you afford to eat cheap?

The insidious creep of globalisation touches all of us in so many ways. And although we have the power yet to change it, our window of opportunity is closing, [...]

Tell you what I don’t get … that Gordon Brown chap. I don’t get him.

File it under the 'I just don't get that ...' category. I don't get that British PM, Gordon Brown, is so quick to praise whenever that praise will reflect well [...]

Don’t bet your shirt on it: unless you’re a banker of course.

The appearance of the Warrington Wolves in the Rugby Football League's Carnegie Challenge Cup Final at Wembley presents an ideal opportunity for demonstrators [...]

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