Beam me up, I’m a tree-hugger …

Like the young child too old to cling to belief in Santa Claus, it is time for us to learn the truth. The Star Trek universe and its inherent vision of hope [...]

Guardian ungagged …

The Guardian revealed to day that the gagging order had been defeated, following unprecedented online response Trafigura drops bid to gag Guardian over MP's [...]

Parliament Gags National Press … WHY?

Why is our press being prevented from reporting the proceedings of our elected representatives? As an electorate and citizens we have the right to know what is [...]

European Democracy; the ebb tide …

Listen! Hear that? That soft noise, brushing at the edge of your consciousness? That is the sound of footsteps. Just one pair in a billion such footsteps [...]

Capitalism: A love story … if only

Michael Moore's latest movie 'Capitalism: A love story' opens today (Friday, October 2nd, 2009) in selected cinemas across America. Capitalism is a satirical [...]

Upholding the democratic right to protest

Democracy works best when people are activists. When passionate people take part in active debate and, yes even protest. The freedom to do so is fundamental to [...]

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