Stop them gagging dissenting voices

On 1 May, a sweeping proposal by the Cabinet Office is due to come into effect. It will prevent academics and researchers making known any findings that are at [...]

Fighting back against the elective dictatorship …

Can anyone recall when the Labour Party became afraid (or ashamed) of its own past; when its leading members balked at letting the ugly red-haired kid play [...]

introducing our guest blogger

Bonjour. Je  suis le rebelFerret. Un blogger extraordinaire Je suis un écrivain invité, nouveau sur ce blog. J'espère que vous y trouverez mon travail [...]

The spectre that haunts us …

It takes a special kind of man to carefully select a slender lithe tree branch, to carefully strip it of its leaves and then to whip it swiftly, repeatedly and [...]

God knows our inhumanity knows no bounds …

Two apparently unrelated stories gripped my attention this lunchtime. The first concerns a Sudanese woman persecuted for pursuing her heart A Sudanese [...]

Drowning in air … [2]

Overcoming the desire to hide away is the first challenge of the day. [...]

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