About issues pertaining to maladies of the mind or body.

introducing our guest blogger

Bonjour. Je  suis le rebelFerret. Un blogger extraordinaire Je suis un écrivain invité, nouveau sur ce blog. J'espère que vous y trouverez mon travail [...]

God knows our inhumanity knows no bounds …

Two apparently unrelated stories gripped my attention this lunchtime. The first concerns a Sudanese woman persecuted for pursuing her heart A Sudanese [...]

Drowning in air … [2]

Overcoming the desire to hide away is the first challenge of the day. [...]

Drowning in air … [1]

So why bother blogging about your depression at all? I really don't know. I've heard it's theraputic to write ... and so I am. [...]

Alzheimer’s Society


NHS on dementia


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