About or pertaining to the global challenge of climate change

Palm-oil a false dawn …

It's hard to argue that the people behind the original rise of Palm Oil as a renewable energy source of the future were anything but well meaning. But the [...]

Back to the future: the greening of nuclear energy

Ed Miliband is pressing the case for nuclear energy as the clean solution to satisfying Britain's future energy needs, headlined by today's announcement [...]

Countdown to Copenhagen

Climate Action Now was a real success. Just back from Climate Action Now in Manchester and have got to say I'm stuffed. Stuffed full of information and some [...]

Tomorrow is Manchester’s Climate Action Now conference

It's dark now and the end of a tiring week. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, even though I'm set for another early start. It's the eight a.m. train into [...]

Beam me up, I’m a tree-hugger …

Like the young child too old to cling to belief in Santa Claus, it is time for us to learn the truth. The Star Trek universe and its inherent vision of hope [...]

Gearing up for Copenhagen

So what is this all about? I thought we sorted this in Kyoto? Why is it back again in Copenhagen? Climate change, the rallying call for environmental [...]

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