Democracy is day to day …

You may believe, or chooose to believe, that we live in a democratic nation you and I. To the extent that we are free to choose those who seem to lead us, and [...]

introducing our guest blogger

Bonjour. Je  suis le rebelFerret. Un blogger extraordinaire Je suis un écrivain invité, nouveau sur ce blog. J'espère que vous y trouverez mon travail [...]

Is it just me?

UPDATED: I'm perplexed and somewhat concerned by the below report from the RFL, which appeared on the Sporting Life web site. Chiefly because it smacks of [...]

Blog Status: AN APOLOGY … and the reason why.

One or two people have asked me know about the status of this blog. I guess I owe an explanation. Truth is, since my father died last year, I find I no [...]

Infinite Moment 0.2

Infinite Moment old photographs, fading images of people once known. passers-by in life who touched us briefly and left to go their way. how fare [...]

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