Author: ibridge

Blog Status: AN APOLOGY … and the reason why.

One or two people have asked me know about the status of this blog. I guess I owe an explanation. Truth is, since my father died last year, I find I no [...]

Sky Sports confirm 2009 NFL Coverage

Sky Sports finally confirmed their UK NFL coverage for 2009 today. Negotiations on a new 3-year deal were completed over the weekend and live NFL games will [...]

Celtic concerns

I can't think of a single instance of a team relocation to another city solving that team's problems. Can you? Seibold: the Crusaders' future is bright Now [...]

Moroccans take Euro Med Challenge

Morocco overpowered Belgium 46-12, to take the Euro Med Challenge trophy at the Stade de la Meditérrannée in Beziers. The game was played in searing [...]

CCC Final: Firing the imagination

Warrington Wolves fans are celebrating their team's long awaited return to Wembley by snapping-up tickets at a record-setting pace. The Wolves clocked record [...]

Briers seeking closure?

Lee Briers has tasted semi final football on four occasions now, with all - even his solo victory - ultimately ending in bitter disappointment. Just how much [...]

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