Where does the soul hide its tears?

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Where does the soul hide its tears?

In the shrug of the weary shoulder?

In the wrinkles of a cheesy grin?

Amidst the dusty moments of memories grown older?

Or those soundless cries no one hears?

Compassionate … soul hides its tears.


Shadow thoughts of real emotions

Sorrows wrought of turmoil inside

All cast upon an empty stage

Swept up in an endless tide

Dread crawls ashore from salty oceans


Lonely … soul hides its tears.


Joy is a distant yet eternal scream

A primal howl at the moon unseen

A venting, Unrelenting

A tribal growl at the mood unkeen

Oh for some joy in this infernal dream


Frustrated … soul hides its tears


There is no awakening, no relief

From these sub-conscious bindings

The mind fears itself, mistrusts

Doubt dogs and bars each path

Freedom is a fleeting hope; too brief


Defeated … soul hides its tears


Until, at last, death ceases mind

Released … soul can weep