SpinCycle1:rinse repeat

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As powerful and long-lasting as the British establishment is, it still knows fear. Right now it is in an almighty lather, not over Jeremey Corbynn so much, but more so over the threat to the system that the mass engagement of citizens directly in the political process potentially represents; a massive sea-change in British politics.

Whether Corbynn eventually proves to be electable or not is a moot point.  The battle ground here is not the principled and inherently admirably socialist, rather it is the people-power that Labour’s one-member, one-vote leadership election protocol  has unleashed.

For the first time in a very long time a leader of a major political party is from outside the establishment camp. Is ostensibly outside of establishment control. Given a reasonable majority in parliament that would put establishment systems under threat. Not least the first-past-the-post shamocracy tic hoax that has been perpetrated on British citizens for centuries. 

Imagine a balanced government comprising factions representing the depth of nuances inherent in any civilised democratic nation. Imagine consensus, middle-of-the-road, third-way decisions that met the needs of a the people and not the corporations. Imagine all parties led by non-establishment figures, free to represent the people who directly elected them and not the lobbyists and shadow influencers who court our current MPs.

Imagine and tremble, if you are the 1% f the 1%; the invisible hand is gazing in fear at mobilising of the irresistible force.