It’s my blog, I’ll rant if I want to…

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A country is nothing but a place you were born. Yet it shapes you inexorably, just as as you in turn shape it. And that’s just the way it is, you against the rest, for life.

For the many marchers who’s steps keep beat with the piper’s tune, it is a dance. For those on the road less travelled, those bent on shaping or at least resisting being shaped in an ill-fitting mould, it is toil.

Yet there is nothing intrinsically great or worthy of adulation in a country. It is a changing landscape, geologically, politically and socially. To glory in its imagined history or heritage is nothing more than a laying down of arms; an acceptance of “what was; will be”.

Anything further from the vaunted ‘British’ way is hard to imagine. Ours is a land once peopled by minds that shaped not only their era, the world, but set civilisation on a path of scientific and engineering innovation that it still adheres to today.

It took guts, vision and great determination to stand against the tide of ingrained agriculturalists serfdom, against the landed gentry and their establishment and against the cold hard rod of the Church to say: “thus far and no further. This is our truth and we will wield it to build the future”.

Where are those minds today? Who are the souls who will stand up against the establishment’s march to neo-liberal hell? Who will rage against the lap-dog media touting the party line or spouting scandal to sell their dwindling rags?
Who will stand for humanity and raise the banner of compassion to all. Who will brave the slurs of the scared and ignorant isolationists who slam the door on the suffering people because of their colour, religion or financial plight?

When I find them, I will tell the world. I wish it were I, but my spirit and mind are brittle. Instead like a moth to a flame I circle the beacons of hope I find along the way; Breathing oxygen to fire their message, that the light may attract others, that together we may shape a compassionate Britain. A Britain with a will to lead anew.

Let’s find the courage to do away with all that we no longer need. To discard the millstone of the archaic class-based establishment that dogs us. To reinvent a social democracy that engages and enables its citizens.

The old Britian is dead. Long live Britiain the brave.