Stop them gagging dissenting voices

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On 1 May, a sweeping proposal by the Cabinet Office is due to come into effect. It will prevent academics and researchers making known any findings that are at odds with government policy. The Guardian has described this move as “either a cock-up or a conspiracy”.

The problem is a clause in the proposal aimed at preventing government-funded research being used for lobbying (that is, potentially at least, stop government money being, effectively, ‘used against itself’).

Whatever the real motivation behind it, there is no doubt that a cynical government could use this to silence valid opposition and dissent; both vital even in our shamocracy.

For example if scientific evidence pointed to the ineffectiveness of a badger cull, the embarrasing truth could be buried, leaving the incumbent government free to cow-tow to the landed-gentry and the farming lobby.

You can help raise awareness of the plight by signing the petition here.