Democracy is day to day …

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You may believe, or chooose to believe, that we live in a democratic nation you and I. To the extent that we are free to choose those who seem to lead us, and only to that extent, you may be right.

But consider that lobbying is a multi-billion pound industry. Yes, £2 billion, was spent influencing the decision-makers, our elected leaders, in the past year. Do you think the global corporations responsible for the bulk of that spend do so in vain? Doubt it, they do so for the same reason the spend billions on advertising; because it works. It sways opinion and opens doors.

Consider what that means … our leaders are being swayed from the course of action they were elected to take; not by the electorate, the people they serve, but by corporations seeking to promote their own self-interests regardless of the consequences for the nation.

That’s why it doesn’t matter where you put the ‘X’ if you let go of the reins once you’ve done so.

Democracy is action, day-to-day.

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