God knows our inhumanity knows no bounds …

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Two apparently unrelated stories gripped my attention this lunchtime.

  • The second is a massive miscarriage of justice that ruined the lives of six innocent individuals.
    This is a long story about how the unshakeable belief of the Icelandic police force convinced six suspects with no memory of the murder they were accused of to confess. BBC News – The Reykjavik Confessions.

The lesson I learn from life and specifically from thes Icelandic miscarriage is the utter fallibility of belief, of misplaced faith. No matter how certain we may be, belief is a fragile thing based on our imperfect perception of truth; and worse on the imperfect presentation of their own imperfect perceptions by those who preach the ‘Word’.

It is time that religion was treated as the plague that it has become over the centuries.

Time for us as humans to accept that adherence to a religion as a philosophy and a lifestyle choice is a perfectly natural and comforting thing to do. But it is not for everyone.

There is no predominant religion. They are all different flavours of philosophical comforter, offering guidance on morals and a structure to live by. If only we could treat them as such.

Religion is a code to live by, not a thing to fight for, die for or kill for.

God – whatever that word means to you – is more than the accumulated religious dogma and hatred spouted by ‘mankind’ over the centuries; always was, always will be.

Wake up sheeple – we are on the edge.