The postman, the scammer and the little old lady …

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People with dementia are being cheated out of at least £100 million, Alzheimer’s Society reveals

via People with dementia short changed out of £100 million and must be better protected says Alzheimer’s Society – Alzheimer's Society.

When the Prize Draw envelopes continued to come through Our-ghost's letter box we shrugged in bewilderment. When Our-ghost continued to 'win' trivial bric-a-brac, and regail us with the magnificent cruise or car or big-money prize she was about to win, we smiled condescendingly.

When we realised the truth of what had transpired. The amount of money wasted on a fruitless chase for prizes that never existed. We were furious.

Contacting the police put us in touch with a national investigator looking at the mail scams; our evidence adding to the mounting pile. Yet there was little personal satisfaction.

Our-ghost is now past remembering this; the embarrassment and indignation. A merciful side-effect of her dementia.

But devious, malicious manifulators behind these schemes continue to rob and steal by post.

There needs to be a way to hold them to account for the misery they knowlingly inflict.