4-nations in 1-team

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Rangi chase pledges future to England (link) … oh, really.

Remember the 2000 World Cup and all those snide remarks about the dubious accents of the Lebanon, Irish and Welsh squads? Remember when the Welsh squad was more at home in Widnes than Cardiff?

Well now we can recycle those sniggers; this time at the expense of England!

Steve McNamara and the spin-factory that is Red Hall, HQ of the Rugby Football League, are rapidly turning the game (yo! Club Call!) and its international scene (4-nations, 1-team) into a joke; and not a belly-laughing tummy-rumbler, but a snickering, sneering, sivelling guffaw of joke.

Rangi Chase (NZ) is the latest, non-English, player added to Steve McNamara’s squad for the upcoming 4-Nations competition.

He joins Danny Brough (defected from Scotland squad), Chris Heighington (Aus), and Jack Reed (Born Yorkshire, Australian for 21-years) in an eclectic mix of a train-on squad. Gareth Widdop at least played his junior rugby in England before moving to Melbourne at 16.

And half the squad hasn’t even been named yet.

This farce of picking non-nationals spirals from bad to worse.

Why bother If international rugby league is dead from the neck down – if the only meaningful international competition with a level playing field is that managed by the RLEF/RLIF?

Just go the whole hog; who’s up for NRL vs Super League?

Until national teams are just that (including the Aussie raiding of the Pacific island nations) I’ll no more support this sham internationl competition than I will the rah-rah lot, in their game.