Good day, sad day.

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Love that I can drive home listening to the baseball now. It’s opening day for the MLB today and after catching the pre-game show on the commute home I’m now chilling on the couch watching the Brewers at Cincinnati. Looking forward to tomorrow when both the Cubs and the Red Sox get their respective seasons under way.

Perhaps that’ll take my mind off my other passion.

I have NO clue how it helps rugby league one single iota to slot another team in between Warrington, Wigan and St.Helens.

Speaking of rugby league … what to say? A sad day today; Widnes’ Super League application was accepted. No offence Chemics-lovers; it’s not personal just I don’t see how it move the game one inch forward.

I have NO clue how it helps rugby league one single iota to slot another team in between Warrington, Wigan and St.Helens. RL needs it like it needs a kick in the balls; which is to say not at all. The double whammy on this is that the admission of Widnes seriously weakens the Championship as a viable stand alone competition.

The RFL are slowly cranking the clock back to 1984; taking the Super out of Super League and miring the game in a parochial swamp. I fully expect them to announce a revamped Floodlit Cup competition as soon as they find a TV partner willing to film it in black and white and a whippet loving commentator to add a bit of local colour.

I guess it must be me that’s out of step; but I’ve always thought the game was bigger than the people who aspire to run it have ever seemed to imagine it to be. Like having a corner shop keeper running the country … oh, wait.

I despair today … am avoiding all the RL news sites. I don’t know what their (RFL) ‘big picture’ plan is … but I’m betting you can get to it down the M62.

  • Widnes were hard done by in the past and should never have been dumped out of the top division in the first place. Rugby League has to accept its geographic constraints – its heartland is the M62 corridor. NZ only has 1 NRL team and Australia is dominated by Sydney teams.

    Rugby League is a fantastic game I am off to see Saints play Hull KR tonight but the reality is the game had 15 years to expand wider and generally failed – Widnes deserve to be back in the topflight.

    • Your opinions seem to be prevailing and I’ve no argument against Widnes per se. Only that I think the ‘acceptance of geographic constraints’ is strangling the game. Hell, we can’t even expand those ‘constraints’ to include a whole county region – one that once ‘was’ a rugby league stronghold – in Super League; Cumbria has as much claim to be there as anyone.

      But my main point i guess is this … what is Super about Super League? It’s just RFL Division One in a tutu.

      For example, Super 15 is ‘super’ because the best of the domestic competition’s feed into the super-regional teams that then play on a trans-hemispheric, if not trans-global stage. Super League had the chance to go their ten years earlier … and coughed-it-up.

      My overwhelming feeling remains one of disappointment that the sport is being led by people of such blinkered and narrow-minded vision.

      How different it could have been had they been strong enough to deliver on the original concept.