Already missing it …

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5d1cb9ee50379a19bad3923f08a1f8d6-acfb7d10e8bbe72a993d13a7e93c4dcf-0x75-75-crop.gifThe old lady is almost gone now …

Extract from an earlier article

They’ll miss this place when it’s gone. When its shabby tin-roofed grandstands are torn down. When the hallowed turf is ripped-up and its acreage – parcelled in the neat postage-stamp plots of suburbia – is sold to the Smiths and the Joneses. When the fabled Wide-to-West route is marked not by the full-throated roar of passionate fans, but by a trim black-on-white sign labelled simply, Stadium Drive … [more]

With Acknowledgments to: ThattoHeathSaint for the YouTube video: