Brough Justice

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The RFL has once again brought the game of rugby league, which it is charged with developing, into disrepute.

How? Oh only by riding rough-shod over its own rule book on international eligibility to allow Huddersfield Giants’ talented halfback and organizer, Danny Brough, to renege on his commitment to represent Scotland at the 2013 World Cup.

Sorry, Danny, it’s not about you, but this bare-faced arrogant hypocrisy just makes my blood boil; and the RFL are masters at it.

Steve McNamara, England’s incumbent coach, was wrong to name him in the squad. Whoever advised on the eligibility of Brough is wrong. The RFL looking the other was is wrong. The silence in the press is wrong. This is wrong.

Why not cherry-pick some of the best Welsh players too? That way you, yes you, the RFL, can make sure England finish above the Welsh in the Four Nations.

Surely it’s not too late for someone at the RFL to ‘grow-a-pair’; to bolt-on some integrity and stand-up for fair play. Or are they just words? Words that do not matter to the governing body of this sport?

Perhaps this shit is why rugby league’s international competitions mean nothing; because organzisers who ought to know better think that spin can make up for lack of substance.