Back Bites: Gets his teeth into Salary-cap twitchers, F1, Salford and more

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Our resident news hound takes his weekly canine look at the wacky world of sport.

In 38 years of following rugby league I’ve heard some dumb stuff, but I was surprised to hear some of the craziest coming from the hithertoo intelligent and thoughtful Tony Smith.

Super League clubs need to be allowed to increase the salary cap to avoid losing more players like Kyle Eastmond to other competitions. Warrington’s Tony Smith.

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Salary cap increases; salary cap increases? Aren’t we putting the cart before the horse here? Don’t increased revenues have to precede any increase in salary cap if we are to avoid any more Wakefield, Crusader or Blackpool scenarios?

RL isn’t – in the main – losing players to union for cash; we are losing them because the game’s profile is so LOW. Because the level of international competition is so pathetic and because we have for a century confined the game to small corner of the nation.

Increasing profile, increasing revenue, increasing participation and increasing commercial revenue streams HAVE to be a higher priority then any talk of increasing salary caps.

Anyone up against a salary-cap ceiling and struggling to hold onto the ‘next-big-thing’ in English rugby league might want to consider not throwing spondoodles of dosh at second-rate overseas talent.

WackyRaces.gifBack Bites makes a rare foray into the sport of left-hand-turns this week, mostly to snigger at Bernie Ecclestone’s Let’s Make it Rain idea, which he believes will spice up Formula One racing.

According to Ecclestone the technology exists (via giant sprinkler systems) to initiate random rain shower events during Grand Prix races, with the slick wet track presumably making the sport more exciting.

Well Back Bites has consulted his 1976 Wacky Races Annual and … hey Bernie “it’s been done before”.

Try getting them to fix oil-slick machines to their chassis instead. Or maybe a tack dispenser … cuckoo!

Allegro.jpgSalford haven’t been relevant since the Austin Allegro was the new, fresh and exciting driving force of Britain, but that might all be about to change.

Not sure who’s representing Leigh Centurions coach, Ian Millward, these days; but the sad news of Shaun McRae’s illness must have had them searching the desk drawer for the old Resumé. Millward would be just the guy to whip the Salford City Reds into shape before they make the short move down the M602 to their new stadium.

No knock on McRae, who’s had to make a dog’s dinner with the groceries ordered by Steve Simms, but it’s time Super League had a REAL team in Manchester.

abacus-clipart.gifThey took WHAT?

Back Bites’ spidey-sense was all-a-twitter when he read this, so he googled it 99 times to verify it. But heck it’s on the Wildcats website so it must be true … some silly bugger has nicked the scoreboard from Wakefields Belle Vue stadium; no wonder they need Rapid Solicitors if some of the locals are that light-fingered. I know they’re built like brick out-houses round there, but still it seems a stretch smuggling that out under ya Parka.