Winner of the Kyle Eastmond to Bath Sweep is …

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Winner of the ‘Kyle Eastmond to Bath Sweep’ is … Andy Wilson of The Guardian who correctly reported the move, that it was unlikely to be immediate and that it would break this evening (see: In a good accurate article, is also included a neat summing-up of Eastmond’s career to date. Basically tons of promise, lots of injuries and a bit of an attitude.


This piece is meant to be humorous.

But I’m gutted. So no refunds if it’s not.

I might also suspect he’s got an agent with an O’level in public relations too because this whole transition has been botched; start-to-finish. Or soup to nuts, (which is an expression I only just learned of and now try to squeeze in at every opportunity).

So, thanks to everyone for playing along. It’s been fun … no really.

And don’t forget to tune in next week to participate in the next sweep to guess just which club will have the ‘Most Original Whinge about Not Getting into Super League‘.

Well, it’s finally over. We can all come to terms with the fact that Saints investment in grooming a halfback of the future has to all intents and purposes come to naught.

Personally I’ve not felt this gutted since Gary Connolly signed for Wigan.

Given Eastmond’s recent apology – and notwithstanding my own opinion that a sharp exit is best for all concerned now – let’s put it to one side and get behind the lad. We – as fans – can only take him at his word that he’ll put his all in for the remainder of the season. If he’s made that commitment with his team mates then I believe he’ll deliver to the best of his abilities.

The problem is; there’s always going to be that cynical suspicion that he’s dogging-it.