Inaugural USARL Line-up Announced

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USARL-vert.jpgThe USARL confirmed an eight-team line-up for its inaugural league season today.

Two of the seven breakaway AMNRL teams, Fairfax and Pittsburgh were unable to meet the minimum standards for the new league and have been given ‘developmental’ status. The three expansion clubs included in the competition are:

  • New Jersey Turnpike Titans who will operate from the Northern New Jersey area just outside of Manhattan (NY)
  • Oneida FC a club from Boston that will operate under the watchful eye of the Boston 13s management team, yet as a separate club
  • Rhode Island Rebellion (formerly NY Kodiaks) will operate from Providence Rhode Island, which allows for a better venue due to the limited access available in the Manhattan (NY) area. It also puts a fourth club in the region along with the NH Warriors and both Boston clubs.

Having four clubs in the New England region has allowed for lowered travel costs and the ability for the two Boston teams to share some resources, including venues. These are two key factors in lowering overall operating costs, thus providing additional teams and playing numbers.

So, the final list of teams who will compete in the Inaugural USARL Championship as USARL Full member teams:

  • Philadelphia Fight
  • Jacksonville Axemen
  • New Haven Warriors
  • Boston 13s
  • Oneida FC (Boston)
  • Rhode Island Rebellion (Providence RI)
  • DC Slayers
  • New Jersey Turnpike Titans (Rutgers)

In addition to the ten full members the USARL has also been approached by a host of clubs seeking development status and will offer any available support for the following regions.

  • Denver Wolverines (Colorado)
  • Utah Avalanche (Utah)
  • Seattle Force (Washington State)
  • Orange County Outlaws (California)
  • Dallas Rugby League (and other Texas areas)

These teams and regions are considered developmental areas and will be supported with as many resources as the USARL can provide. They will include support in sponsor proposal development, coaching and official development, league wide sponsorship deals, web-based and social media support as well as options to play a limited amount of games via tournament inclusion and potential regional representative side games. The USARL will support them with their efforts to develop both a regional competition that will be comprised of local area teams or the formation of a team from their area to compete in the USARL in future years.