L13 Dumbass Award: Oh my God(win) …

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I was struggling a little earlier today to settle on the next L13 Dumbass Award winner … but the RFL came to the rescue, and no, not in their usual way.

They sent me a press release on this week’s suspensions following the Millennium Magic weekend.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it.

Oh, it wasn’t that Wayne Godwin had been suspended. Oh no, I saw what he did with my own eyes; a couple of times in slow motion too thanks to Sky+.

So it was no surprise to see that the Salford City Reds hooker had picked-up a two game ban for running-in and punching at the end of his team’s disappointing loss to the Crusaders. Bad as it was, daft as it was, that wasn’t enough to earn Wayne the Dumbass award.

Back Story

However … this was.

The daft bugger pleaded ‘Not Guilty‘ … honest.

Here it is verbatim from the release: “… Godwin, who pleaded not guilty, was also fined £300“.

But how? It was on our telly. I definitely saw it. Not HD but clear enough to know it was Wayne Godwin.

What I need to know … is on what basis was he claiming to be not guilty? Because it was definitely HIM (big number on back of shirt) and he definitely hit Clinton Schifcofske a proper nice one.

So … I can only assume it was semantics … as in slap not punch … or trotted not ran.

Regardless, Wayne – I liked ya at Wigan and I wish ya well at Salford – but you are, this week’s L13 Dumbass. Come on, own up and cop it like a good-un; don’t faff around pleading not guilty when it’s as clear as day that you are.